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Phil Allcock

Author and Copywriter

Meet Clumpety Bump!

Clumpety Bump

Age range: 3-7

Pages: 32

Illustrator: Richard Watson

Hi! I’m Clumpety Bump. Some people say I’m a lazy horse – but it’s just that I can get tired. Very tired. And hungry. I always seem to be hungry!

But I’ve learnt that being lazy isn’t the best thing to be. If you read my story, you can find out all about it.


“It’s a brilliant book that will teach little ones how important it is to help each other out!” – Boolino

“Children will laugh out loud at this funny interactive picture book that provides plenty of opportunities for joining in with repetition of phrases” – The Letterpress Project

“Children will love joining in Allcock’s wordplay, learning about the importance of hard work and helpfulness, and following Watson’s colourful gallery of vibrant illustrations.” – Lancashire Evening Post

“I think Phil Allcock has done a marvellous job of telling the story of this friendship between the disaster-prone Wally and his lazy horse Clumpety. This is a fantastically funny book from Phil Allcock and Richard Watson and already I want more again from this sharp picture book duo.” – Books for Bairns